Third Week in August

Lets face it Camping, Caravanning is an Aussie tradition ,in Third week in August we explore ,laugh cry and engage with a diverse group of campers each with their own agenda as to why how often and who they camp with .

Camp sites can be a happy funny place and people generally mix and mingle or so one would hope, Take Sue for example she just wants some peace and quiet and to complete her novel but along comes inveterent and annoying campers Neville and Mary, Neville knows everything about camping and is not un willing to impart all his Knowledge on unsuspecting Campers, and not necessarily for the best,maybe well intentioned but certainly invasive. He is supported by an equally dull and somewhat pompous wife. Together they exact rules and regulations that most people want to ignore however Neville is well meaning and steadfast.

Then to add to the mix Mary’s suffering sister comes along for the ride.

Tony and Jenny add an interesting twist to the whole camping experience and don’t necessarily conform to Neville’s bag of rules, or in Jenny’s case no ones rules really.

This is funny ,thought provoking and will bring back memories or your special time when you had the energy to go camping and you will relate to all the characters as you have probably dealt with them in some remote camp site somewhere.

Enjoy the nuances of Neville and Mary and enjoy a laugh at Nevilles expense.