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Youth Theatre 1st Term 2019


After a successful, but stressful production with the STG youth, we are forging forward into 1st term of 2019 classes. Due to the increase in numbers of the younger students, I have split the junior group into 2. This will allow for better learning opportunities for the students, at their appropriate age levels.

The groups are as follows:

Group 1: 6yrs to 10yrs (Tues 4:30 – 5:15)

Group 2: 11yrs to 14yrs (Tues 5:15 – 6:15)

Group 3: 15yrs and up (Tues 6:15 – 7:15)

At this stage we have 8 students in group 1, 7 in group 2, and 4 in group 3. I have had a few phone calls this week for prospective new students, and they will go into group 1.

I am excited to see the youth theatre numbers growing, and hope that we will produce some exciting work together.



Continuing on the tradition of passionate and engaging teachers we have had since STG’s Youth Theatre started and we are happy to introduce our coordinator for 2018 - 2019, Jacquie Cullen.


Jacquie is originally from South Africa, but lived and worked in Mozambique for 12 years prior to moving to Australia 3 years ago. Jacquie has been involved with the Arts pretty much her entire life. She studied theatre at high school, went on to study teaching, and majored in Speech and Drama, and later studied a Higher Diploma in Dance Education through the Royal Academy of Dance and the University of Surrey. Jacquie has always integrated drama, dance/movement, voice into her classes.  She is passionate about the arts, and believes that theatre is more than just a creative outlet, it increases students confidence and self-esteem. While in Mozambique, Jacquie taught Drama and Dance to the entire Middle School grades and the grade 9 and 10 elective classes at the American International School of Mozambique which is an IB World School consisting of over 500 students from all over the world.

 For the first term of 2017, the theme was Face, Body, Space. There was a focus on how we use our bodies, faces, and our space to convey messages, emotions, thoughts, provocations etc. Some of the skills and techniques that students will learn, are soundscapes, tableaux, freeze frames, slow motion, kinaesthetic awareness of their bodies, facial expressions etc. While learning all these new skills, and implementing them in different dramatic texts, the students will also be learning the stage space, how to use it, the correct theatre terminology for the stage, and the general etiquette that goes with working in a theatre.

The first lesson of the term will be one in which we all get to know each other through fun drama games, that are non-confronting, or intimidating so that we start the year by creating a safe and fun environment in which the students can be creative, and take risks without fear of judgement. This kind of environment is one where we can all grow as performing artists, and develop good relationships, and friends.

To enrol your children (or grandchildren)  complete the Youth Theatre Enrolment form and send them along to their first class on Tuesday 5 February.

For more information contact: Jacquie Cullen on 0497206547.

Youth Theatre Enrolment Form - Click on this link to complete an online application

Payment for Youth Theatre




Our SHOES actually got the chance to perform on the stage with the 'big people' in STG's recent season of One Act Plays in 2016. Their play was about a Bank Robbery and they were fantabulous!!! Here are a few photographs.


They really put to use all of the skills they had been learning throughout the year and the paying audiences thought they were marvellous. They certainly got their fair share of laughs and generated plenty of interest.