Marjorie Prime

 By Jordan Harrison



“What would we remember, and what would we forget, if we had the chance?  80-year-old Marjorie - a jumble of disconnected, fading memories - has a handsome new companion. He looks remarkably like a young version of her deceased husband and is always on hand to feed the story of her life back to her. Set in the near future, a time of blossoming artificial intelligence, Marjorie Prime is Jordan Harrison’s Pulitzer nominated play (2015), exploring memory and identity, love, loss and what we leave behind."


 Performance and Rehearsal Dates:

15 February – 2 March, 2019 with Preview 13 February.

Rehearsal will mostly be Sunday during the day, Monday and Wednesday evenings commencing with a read through and discussion on Wednesday, 2 January at 7pm. Cast will be expected to come to rehearsals in January having learnt a substantial proportion of their lines.

There will be a read through the week of 17 December – Date and time to be agreed by the cast.


Tess - 50’s (F) Marjorie’s daughter
Jon - 50’s (M) Marjorie’s son-in-law.
Marjorie - 80’s (F)
Walter - early 30s (M). Looks like a young career man from 1998. bright eyed.

Audition Details:

Individual scheduled 10-minute auditions will be held on Sunday the 9th of December from 10am- 2pm at the Theatre. Depending on the level of response there may be a call back on Monday the 10th of December from 7pm. If you wish to be considered you must be available for both.

Please come having thought about and prepared to discuss the feeling of forgetting, why you think it is important to try to remember and why we might choose to forget. You will also be given the opportunity to do a brief reading. Auditions will be video recorded to assist casting but will be deleted as soon as the casting is completed.


How do I indicate my interest?

As the auditions will be scheduled you cannot just show up on the day. You must register your interest by midnight Thursday the 6th of December. You will be contacted before midnight on December the 7th notifying you of your audition time.

Current members of STG should log into their profile on BetterImpact:

Select Additional Information from the My Profile menu on the right-hand side of the screen and in the About You section update the “What show would you like to audition for” field:




If you are not yet a member of STG please create a user profile by completing a new member application:


 You will be given the opportunity during the application process to indicate the show you want to audition for.



Email any questions to the Director, Paul Marshall via



VENUE Sunnybank Theatre
SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS will need to become members of Sunnybank Theatre Group


For further information or to make an audition BOOKING,
please apply online

 Director - Paul Marshall

Auditions – held at the STG
14 Mains Road, Sunnybank