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Adapted by Patrick Barlow

From the novel by John Buchan and the film directed by Alfred Hitchcock

And from an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon


Auditions – held at the STG
14 Mains Road, Sunnybank

 Saturday 1 July 11am

Season runs from September 8 to 23


The 39 Steps is a comedy based on the Alfred Hitchcock film of 1936.  Written for 4 actors to play all the roles of the film - it is a tribute to classic melodrama, the first of the modern spy thrillers, the brilliance of Alfred Hitchcock as well as physical theatre and classic comedy styles.  If you would like to audition for a role in this production you will need to know the following:


HANNAY – playing 35 to 40.  English upper class accent, London if possible.


Bored with life since his return to London from Canada and determined to solve the riddle of The 39 Steps that has been thrust upon him.  He should be played in typical 1930’s hero style; a little Bullshot Drummond, a little stiff upper lip, a little “chocks away Biggles” daring-do, but with a heart ready for love. 


ANNABELLA/MARGARET/PAMELA – all characters playing between 25 and 40


Annabella – A double agent and a very matter-of-fact femme fatale who gets what she wants.  She is icily serious, yet alluring and desirable. German or Eastern European accent.


Margaret – The much younger wife of the Crofter (Jock McTyte). She is meek and a little afraid of her own shadow, but dreams of the ‘big city’ life of Glasgow. Light Scottish accent – Glasgow if possible.


Pamela – A headstrong, capable, unflappable, independent London girl. The perfect foil for Hannay’s self-assuredness. A well-bred lady with a matching London accent.



These two roles share the rest of the characters in the play, both male and female, across a broad range of accents.  The roles require a high level of physical movement along with onstage character and costume changes, often in mid-sentence, with each character being very distinct.

Accents you will need to employ include – Cockney or South London, Scottish (mild, mid and extremely heavy), upper class English, German, Irish or Welsh. For the audition, I would like to hear your use of accents in unscripted conversation as well as from the script.

We will record a play reading in the first week of July to assist you in learning lines.


Rehearsals will be Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm and Sundays at 11am, starting Monday 31st July. With only 15 rehearsals you must be available for every rehearsal and every performance.


Auditions – held at the STG
14 Mains Road, Sunnybank

 Saturday 1 July 11am
 For further information or to make an audition BOOKING, please contact Chris O'Leary
email or call 0422 449 153

Please provide a return email address for audition materials to be sent to you.
Look forward to seeing you there!

 Director - Chris O'Leary


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Has now been CAST


Emmet Hawksworth just wants to direct his new play in peace, but “Hurricane Hyacinth” is bearing down fast. Will the show go on, or will his nosy neighbour find a way to throw everything into chaos? Will Liz be able to keep her brother from having a nervous breakdown? Will Onslow FINALLY put on a shirt? And just who names their son “Milly” anyway?




Joanne Oliver as Hyacinth Bucket:  Ambitious social-climber, desperate to hide her middle-class status.  Very much an inhabitant of her own world. Well-meaning, but blissfully unaware of how annoying people find her.

Gary Kliger as Emmet Hawksworth: Lives in fear of his loathed neighbour, Hyacinth. Determined to direct his show, but it seems as though fate has other plans.  Perpetually on the verge of a breakdown.

Helen Ekundayo as Liz Warden: Emmet’s sister and stage manager. Patient, but dry-witted.

Brad Oliver as Onslow: Hyacinth’s brother-in-law, uninterested in her antics.  Typical lazy slob, with an underlying brilliance. Has a strange aversion to shirts, preferring to wear singlets or a sleeveless vest.

Debe Dewey as Daisy: Hyacinth’s sister and wife to Onslow. Far friendlier than Hyacinth, she tolerates her sister’s quirks. Like her husband, she enjoys life in the slow lane. If only she could get him to pay more attention to her…

Hannah Davies asRose: Hyacinth’s youngest sister. Nice enough, if a bit man-crazy. Enjoys being on stage.

Tanake Utete as Milly: Real name Edward Milson. IT worker, new to the stage. Earnest, but very self-conscious.

Doon-Louise Loosemore as Mrs Debden: Imperious and forceful, everything Hyacinth wishes she was. 

Ian Daniels as Daddy: Hyacinth’s eccentric father.  Believing he’s still at war, he wears a gas mask, but not much else.



Auditions – held at the STG
14 Mains Road, Sunnybank

 Saturday 13 May 2pm
 For further information or to make an audition BOOKING, please contact Nathaniel Young
email or call 0400 794 026
Look forward to seeing you there!

 Director - Nathaniel Young


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