Sleuth 2016


 Director: Dierdre Robinson



 You be the Sleuth!


 Another chilling, spine-tingling thriller will open at Sunnybank Theatre Group on Friday 01 April. Sleuth by Anthony Shaffer has one of the most intriguing plots ever presented, and its twists and turns will leave you gasping – did that just happen?


Anthony Shaffer was a contemporary  English playwright who is best known for his movie screenplays which included Hitchcock’s Death on the Nile, and Murder on the Orient Express among a long list of credits. Sleuth is his most popular and well-known play. First made into a movie starring Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine, it was remade in 2007, this time with Michael Caine and Jude Law.


 The story tells of noted detective writer Andrew Wyke, who, on discovering his wife’s infidelity, invites her new lover, Milo Tindle to visit him to discuss the situation. Instead of being upset and saddened by the news of his wife’s unfaithfulness, it seems that Andrew is quite happy to hand her over to Milo, and the pair set about discussing how this might happen. And so the intrigue begins.

Milo Tindle - Paul Marshall
Andrew Wyke - Chris O’Leary
Jolly Jack Tar - Joey
Inspector Doppler - Sam Raphale
Sgt. Tarrant - Michael Smythe

Director - Dierdre Robinson
Stage Manager - Amanda Wyeth

Stage Crew - Sandra Solty, John Modacz

Lighting & Sound Design - Brad Wyeth

Lighting & Sound Operators - Allan Hare, Ronalda Cook

Set Construction - Bob Clayton, Scott Green, Ronalda Cook, Dierdre Robinson, Colin Robinson, Chris O'Leary
Costumes/ Props - Dierdre Robinson, Amanda Wyeth and cast

Program - Chris O’Leary
Photography - Kayleen Nunn


Performance Dates:

Friday 1 April 8pm - Saturday 16 April 2pm and 8pm