Holmes and the Ripper

Season dates Mar 28 to Apr 12  2014

This engaging thriller by Brian Clemens pits the great detective Sherlock Holmes against the evil Jack the Ripper in a production that will have you solving the crimes along with Holmes.

In a dark East End alleyway a prostitute has been found brutally murdered. With the aid of his friend Dr Watson and the clairvoyant Kate Meads, Sherlock Holmes sets out to find the killer.

More girls die and with near hysteria and the threat of riots in the street the trail leads to conspiracy and corruption. The famous detective faces his deadliest adversary in this blend of fact and fiction.

Directed by Loretta Donelly


Victoria Evans - Mary Kelly
Dennis Fadil - Sherlock Holmes
Ellie Gale - Catherine Eddowes
Troy Granzien - Dr. Watson
Howard Jones - Sir William Gull
Harold Littler - Lord Salisbury
Doug Mawson - Anderson
Alvin McDougall - Policeman
Sara Mehmet - Kate Meads
Daniel Sheehy - Potter
Ian Stevenson - Bradbury
Linda Stevenson - Mrs Hudson
Katie Thomas - Annie Crooks
Scott West - Blind Begger
Nathaniel Young - Netley
Linda Hammond - Asylum Inmate


Director - Loretta Donnelly
Production Manager - Colin Robinson
Stage Manager - Dierdre Robinson
Stage Crew - Colin Robinson and Cast
Set Design - Mark Westby, Chris O’Leary
Set Construction and Scenic - Mark Westby, Chris O’Leary
Costumes  - Linda Hammond
Lighting Design - David Gemmell, Brad Wyeth
Sound Design - Loretta Donnelly, Brenda Hayes, Brad Wyeth
Lighting / Sound - Brad Wyeth and Joanne Sephton
Properties - Loretta Donnelly, Dierdre Robinson
Sword Design & Makers - Michael Baldwin (Beenleigh Theatre)
Photography - Kayleen Gibson
Program and Media - Chris O’Leary, Chris Guyler