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Directed by John Mordacz and Chris O'Leary
Musical Direction by  Sarah Landis    Choreography by  Lynette Wockner

Guys and Dolls - the classic Broadway musical with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser
and book by Joe Swerling and Abe Burrows.

New York, 1950

Desperate to find money to pay for a place to hold his illegal floating dice game, Nathan Detroit bets Sky Masterson one thousand dollars that Sky will not be able to take a local Save-A-Soul Mission girl, Sarah Brown, away with him to Cuba.

Sky eventually is able to convince Sarah to join him in Cuba where music and food become an intoxicating mix. Meanwhile Nathan goes ahead with his plans for the game, all the while dodging the ever-present Officer Brannigan and keeping his long-suffering fiancé, Adelaide, happy in the belief that they’ll get married and he’ll give up his gambling ways.

With such memorable numbers as Luck Be a Lady, Adelaide's Lament, If I Were a Bell, Take Back Your Mink, Sit Down You're Rockin the Boat and Guys and Dolls you will be assured of a fun, magical night of musical theatre.

Tickets will sell fast, so book early to ensure a seat.


Charles Langford as Nathan Detroit
Sophie Rohweder as Miss Adelaide
Troy Granzien as Sky Masterson
Rebecca Macaulay as SGT Sarah Brown
Zander McGrath as Nicely Nicely Johnson
Josh Moore as Benny Southstreet
Nathaniel Young as Rusty Charlie
David Shanklin as Arvide Abernathy
Emily Rohweder as Agatha (mission band)
Ellie Gale as Martha (mission band)
Liam Inglis as Harry the Horse
Ken Verrall as Lt Brannigan
Liam Wigney as Scranton Slim
Mark Westby as Angie the Ox
Marianna Betia as General Cartwright
Courtney Taylor as Big Julie
Lily Wallace as Madison (Hotbox Dancer)
Jessica Heath as Ferguson (Hotbox Dancer)
Jeanne Marshall as Mimi (Hotbox Dancer)
Rachel Irvine as Laverne (Hotbox Dancer)
Kaitlyn Carlton as Marge (Hotbox Dancer)
Kane Sheehy as Liver-Lips LouieGary McEwen as Society Max
Daniel Sheehy as Joey Biltmore


Directors - John Mordacz and Chris O’Leary
Musical Director - Sarah Landis
Stage Manager - Dierdre Robinson
Choreographer - Lynette Wockner
Costumes - Lesley Davis, Pam Cooper & Lyn Martin
Set Design/Construction - Mark Westby & Chris O’Leary
Set Building and Painting - Mark Westby,Ashley Worsman, Chris OLeary, Gary McEwen & David Shanklin
Lighting/Sound Design - Barry de Sylva & Gerry Burges 
Lighting/Sound - Joanne Sephton & John Mordacz
Stage Crew - Gary McEwen, Mark Westby, Kane Sheehy & Cast,
Photography - Kayleen Gibson
Media & Program - Chris O’Leary, Mark Westby
Bar & Greenroom - Margaret Oakhill,and our merry band of volunteers

The Guys and Dolls Band

Piano - Sarah Landis
Keyboard - Claire Irwin and Carleen Steele
Brass - Amanda Holley
Woodwind - Jacinta Morris
Percussion - Jordan Talty