Are You Being Served

Are You Being Served? A comedy by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft.

The motley crew of the Grace Brothers department store prepare for a sale of German goods and then depart for a staff holiday in Spain. The visit to the tropics is eventful when they stay at a one star hotel and encounter Spanish service and desperate revolutionaries. They manage to survive their stay with everything intact but their modesty.

The Play

Grace Brothers' requires renovation. To compensate for time off work, Young Mr Grace sends the entire staff of the Men's and Women's Department on a two week holiday to the Costa Plonka in Spain. While there, they find themselves in the middle of a revolution, and among the essential holiday larks – trying the local cuisine, setting up camp and passing naughty notes to each other over the dinner table they must deal with being confined to their hotel during the uprising.


Joanne Oliver as Mrs Slocombe
Samantha Townsend as Miss Brahms
Chris Chambers as Captain Peacock
Troy Granzien as Mr Lucas
Mark Scott as Mr Humphries
Stan Wisniowiecki as Mr Grainger
Gary Kliger as Mr Rumbold
Brad Oliver as Gentleman Customer and Cesar
Lisa Wheildon as Lady Customer and Taeresa
Alizah Pomery as Nurse Jeffries and Conchita
Nathaniel Young as Mr Mashand Don Bernardo


Director - Gary Suthers
Assistant Director - Ronalda Cook
Stage Manager - Ronalda Cook
Crew - Robert Piccini, Anshu Podar & Gary McEwan
Set Design/Construction - Bob Clayton, Mark Westby, Ronalda Cook, Gary Suthers & Robert Piccini
Set Decoration - Ronalda Cook, Gary Suthers & Robert Piccini
Costumes/Props - Cast and Crew
Lighting/Sound Design - Chris O’Leary
Lighting/Sound - Alan Hare, Mia Wetton & Georgia Fox
Photography - Kayleen Gibson & Alison Young
Publicity - Stan Wisniowiecki
Program/Digital Media - Chris O’Leary
Bar & Greenroom - STG volunteers



Friday 18 September - 8pm
Saturday 19 September - 2pm & 8pm
Friday 25 September - 8pm
Saturday 26 September - 2pm & 8pm
Friday 2 October - 8pm
Saturday 3 October - 2pm & 8pm