The Foreigner



The Foreigner is a fun, two act comedy by American playwright Larry Shue. The story takes place in a fishing lodge in the rural Tilghman County, Georgia where two Englishmen, Froggy and Charlie, arrive as guests. The shy Charlie agreed to accompany Froggy on the trip after his sick wife begged him to go. When people at the lodge try to talk to Charlie however, he remains silent: he is terribly shy, depressed about his wife's illness, and cannot find the words to reply. Froggy claims that Charlie cannot talk because he is a 'foreigner' from an exotic country, and does not understand English. Taking the explanation that he's a non-English speaker as fact, the lodge's guests quickly begin revealing their secrets, and Charlie soon discovers scandals amongst some of the residents of the lodge.




Steve Tonks - Froggy

Gary Kliger - Charlie

Hannah Davies - Catherine

Nathaniel Young - Ellard

Debe Dewey - Betty

Shayne Jarvis - David

Brad Turnbull - Owen



Directors - Marcus THomas

Stage Manager - Loretta Donnelly

Stage Crew - Venessa Kohl

Set Design/Construction - Mark Zoethout & Jim

Lighting/Sound Design - Joanne Sephton

Lighting Operators - Joanne Sephton, Georgia Cooper, Daniel Jefferies

Costumes - The Cast

Props - Loretta Donnelly & CastDigital, Program and Media - Chris O’Leary

Photography/Publicity - Kayleen Zoethout


 Theatre Phone: (07) 3345 3964    (To message-bank when not staffed)