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Published on Sun 10th Sep 2017

 Old stars still shine, so come shine with us!

Research shows that participating in drama activities has a positive effect on mental health, and it is a great way to meet people and have fun.

So join us to explore your creativity, keep your brain and body active; gain confidence and communication skills and learn something new. We will explore the elements of drama through games, readings, play building and performing, and work towards a public performance.

No prior acting experience is needed.

The workshops are run by Nerida Day, an experienced drama teacher, performer, and director.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring along a water bottle and a mug for morning tea.

All class participants must become members of Sunnybank Theatre Group Inc.


Where: STG 14 Mains Road, Sunnybank

When: Thursday morning from 10.30am - 12.30



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Directed by Nerida Day

Senior Theatre


Out the Window by Richard W. Harris.

A avant-garde comedy about the relationships between a man, his wife and his mother.

Failed Investments by Lynn Brittney.

Carol and Anne hold a residents' meeting for their block of flats, but the subject of ground rent gets lost in the welter of human issues that get aired on this particular evening. This adult play provides moments of piquant social comedy as well as moving drama.

Do You Believe in Magick? by Jo Rake.

Elsbeth really wants Robbie to ask her for a date but how do you do it when you are a witch and not as young as you once were? Love potions? Magic charms? Sisters Maryann and Sarita are no help at all. Or are they? Maybe all it takes to get a date is a carefully dropped hint.

The Luvvies by Lynn Brittney.

The guild of local amateur dramatic societies has organised a quiz night about "the movies", which annoys Eileen. Debbie arrives with allergies; Roger's menopausal wife has taken to her bed, so the team is one short; Mike is in a bad mood; and the Dalbridge Strollers' team is being rowdy. To top it off, Shirley has put a swear box on each table to raise money for the church. This humorous play contains moderate swearing.


For more information please download our flyer and contact Nerida Day - 0448 840 937