You Must Remember This - 2015




Sunnybank Theatre Group is proud to present their second 2015 season, “You Must Remember This…” for the enjoyment of our patrons. This production has been devised, written and produced by Pam Cooper (Director), Carleen Steele (Musical Director) and Ashley Worsman (Creative mastermind and set design).  We wanted to share some tender moments with our valued audience members, some of which have been following our achievements for 10, 20, 30 years.


This is a very important 100 year milestone in Australian history and it is our belief that most people will want to recall some of the poignant times during the two World Wars. The last thing we want is for our theatre to be full of sadness, that is not our intention. The music of the two World Wars is some of the best ever written by English, American and Australian composers.  Our aim is to bring you this delightful music, bound together by the warm love story of Jack and Katie Delaney who met in childhood, again towards the end of WWI, married each other, had a family and then came WWII. You’ll come close on the journey of these two people meeting, struggling, laughing and loving throughout two wars and beyond and living to a ripe old age to tell the story, and that’s just what they are doing on stage right now.


Greg Johnson - Elderly Jack Delaney
Fiona Kennedy - Elderly Kate
Deryk Herd - Jack / Ensemble
Gabby Diaz - Katie / Ensemble
Alexander Kennedy - Young Jack
Sophie Moman - Young Katie
Lesley Davis, Wendy Moman & Joanne Sephton - Andrew Sisters
Megan Brodrick, Hannah Martin, Madonna O’Connor - Ensemble
Robert Piccini, Sophie Rohweder, Stuart Sephton - Ensemble
Troy Granzien - SGT Major WW1
Kay Lyons - WW1 Nurse / Ensemble
Gary McEwen - WW1 and WW2 Officer
Zander McGrath - Solder WW1 / Ensemble
Nathaniel Young - WW1 Soldier
Caitlin Bowie, Lauren Knijnenberg, Molly Waters - Children
Isaac Sephton, Josh Sephton - Children


Director - Pam Cooper
Musical Director - Carleen Steele
Asst Director/Stage Manager - Ashley Worsman
Assistant Musical Director - Claire Irwin
Choreographer - Lynette Wockner
Stage Crew - Jonty Howes
Set Design/Construction - Ashley Worsman
Uniforms - Rex Wigney
Costumes - The Cast, Doreen Omiros
Makeup Effects - Julie Johnson
Lighting Design - David Gemmell
Lighting Operators - John Mordacz, Gerry Burges & Alan Hare
Photography - Kayleen Gibson
Media & Program - Chris O’Leary
Bar & Greenroom - STG volunteers