Pack of Lies


In 1961 it was headline news in the UK when two Russian spies were arrested and convicted of espionage. Later, in the early 70’s Hugh Whitemore was commissioned by the BBC to write a one hour television play ‘Act of Betrayal’ based on the story leading up to their arrest. This was so well received by the viewing public that Whitemore later rewrote the screenplay into a full length play entitled “Pack of Lies” involving the human relationships involved in the situation. In 1987 it also became the basis of a full length film of the same name with Ellen Burstyn and Teri Garr.

The play is set in the Jackson household in London, Bob and Barbara with daughter Julie. A stranger arrives on their doorstep supposedly from the police to coerce the Jacksons into allowing their house to be used as a surveillance post to watch a particular individual, believed to be involved in illegal activity, making visits to the neighbourhood! What’s more, why is this visitor calling at the house of their best friends and neighbours, a very pleasant, lovely and convivial Canadian couple? Come and find out at Sunnybank Theatre where the Director was heard to say, our audiences will be captivated by this intriguing, compelling drama and the fascinating way the writer draws us into the lives of a family of suburban domesticity being confronted with such a compelling and intriguing tense situation.




Friday 24 July - 8pm
Saturday 25 July - 2pm & 8pm
Friday 31 July - 8pm
Saturday 1 August - 2pm & 8pm
Friday 7 August - 8pm
Saturday 8 August - 2pm & 8pm