Season of One Acts (2011)

Three One Act Plays
(Season  1 July — 16 July, 2011)
Private War of Corporal Cooper

Drama by John Broughton - directed by Loretta Donnelly
Cast - Tom Fenton and Phillipa Bowe 

This play is based on the correspondence between a WW1 NZ soldier and a Benedictine Nun from NZ. The Nun puts a note in one of the pairs of socks she has knitted for the serving soldiers and the Corporal writes to her when he finds it in the socks presented to him. The letters are the basis of the story, but the soldier does not realise he is writing to a Nun. This is a very moving play.




The Rats

by Agatha Christie - directed by Mandy Macgregor
Cast - Andrew Hermann, Anna Clarkson, Jacqui McKell and Tom Fenton

A man and woman arrive at an apartment for a cocktail party. An acquaintance enters and questions what they are doing there and accuses them of having an affair. He tells them the owners are abroad so would not be hosting a party. His accusations then proceed to become darker and the story unfolds to show much more than his original accusation would suggest. This leads to many revelations about the characters and ends cleverly as we would expect of an AC play.





A Matter of Husbands

Comedy by Ferenc Molnar - directed by Serena Altea
Cast - Julie Collins and Vicky Devon



When an earnest young wife suspects that her husband is having an affair with a famous and glamorous actress, she decides to take matters into her own hands and confronts her with the evidence.

However, the actress seems surprised and convinces her that it is nothing but an illusion. But that's what actresses do, isn’t it?