Nuncrackers The Nunsense Musical

The little sisters of Mt. St. Helens School, Hoboken taped their first Christmas TV special.

Written by Dan Goggin
(By arrangement with Tams-Witmark)

Director: Stephanie Ellis
Musical Director: June Gemmell

Friday 19 November - Saturday 4 December, 2010

The Cast

Alison Pattinson - Sister Mary Regina
Kay Halford - Sister Mary Hubert
Jacqui McKell - Sister Robert Anne
Lesley Davis - Sister Mary Paul
Deon Spann - Father Virgil
Fiona Russo - Sister Mary Leo
Rachel Hunt - Sister Mary Christmas
Elise Pettigrew - Sister Mary Ment-and-cheer


The Kids

Melina Pietrobon, Nicola Wormwell, Megan Fletcher
Olivia Bird, Olivia Wormwell, Ainsley Carter