The Mikado

Presented in association with David Spicer Productions and EssGee Entertainment

Conceived and Produced by Simon Gallaher
Based on the operetta by W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan
New Orchestrations by Kevin Hocking
Additional Lyrics by Melvyn Morrow

Director Ashley Worsman Musical Director Carleen Steele


 Nanki-Poo has fled from the court of his father, the Mikado, to escape marriage with an elderly lady, Katisha. Assuming the disguise of a musician he falls in love with the fair maiden, Yum-Yum, but his guardian Ko-Ko prevents a marriage as he wishes to marry Yum-Yum himself. However, Ko-Ko has been condemned to death for flirting.   As the play opens, Nanki-Poo is hastening to the court of Ko-Ko to find out if Yum-Yum is now free to marry him. From a corrupt public official, Pooh-Bah and a noble man, Pish-tush, Nanki Poo learns that Ko-Ko has become Lord High Executioner and, having escaped decapitation, is going to marry Yum-Yum that very afternoon.

Ko-Ko receives a letter from the Mikado ordering him to execute somebody or lose his position. Nanki Poo, bent on suicide because he cannot marry Yum-Yum, is given the opportunity to marry her for a month provided he become the subject for the public execution when that month is up. All is well – until Katisha arrives looking for the vanished object of her affections, Nanki-Poo.



Pooh Bah - Andrew Fraser
Nanki Poo - Samuel Sandroussi

Yum Yum - Gabby Diaz

Ko Ko - Greg Johnson

Katisha - Julie Jones

Mikado - Gary McEwen

The Titipu Singlettes
Pitti Sing - Joanne Sephton
Peep Bo - Lesley Davis

Yo Ko - Genevieve Suthers

The Gentlemen of Japan
Liam Wigney, Tyler Goes, Ben Barruel, Liam Inglis, Zander McGrath


Orchestral Musicians - Carleen Steele and Claire Irwin
Stage Manager - Sophie Rohweder
Stage Crew - Laura May Stinton and Zander McGrath

Set Design - Ashley Worsman

Set and Props Construction - Ashley Worsman
Costumes  - Linda Hammond, Pam Cooper, Lyn Martin, Betty Peisley & Cathy O’Dowd
Costume Hire - Squids Theatrical Hire
Lighting Design/Operator - Ashley Worsman
Photography - Kayleen Gibson
Program and Media - Chris O’Leary and Chris Guyler
Front of House/Green Room - Margaret Oakhill and many wonderful volunteers