Keeping Up Appearances 2017


 Emmet Hawksworth just wants to direct his new play in peace, but “Hurricane Hyacinth” is bearing down fast. Will the show go on, or will his nosy neighbour find a way to throw everything into chaos? Will Liz be able to keep her brother from having a nervous breakdown? Will Onslow FINALLY put on a shirt? And just who names their son “Milly” anyway?


Meet the Cast

Joanne Oliver as Hyacinth Bucket:  Ambitious social-climber, desperate to hide her middle-class status.  

Gary Kliger as Emmet Hawksworth: Lives in fear of his loathed neighbour, Hyacinth.

Helen Ekundayo as Liz Warden: Emmet’s sister and stage manager. Patient, but dry-witted.

Brad Oliver as Onslow: Hyacinth’s brother-in-law, uninterested in her antics.  Typical lazy slob, with an underlying brilliance.

Debe Dewey as Daisy: Hyacinth’s sister and wife to Onslow. Far friendlier than Hyacinth, she tolerates her sister’s quirks. Like her husband, she enjoys life in the slow lane. If only she could get him to pay more attention to her…

Hannah Davies as Rose: Hyacinth’s youngest sister. Nice enough, if a bit man-crazy. Enjoys being on stage.

Tanake Utete as Milly: Real name Edward Milson. IT worker, new to the stage. Earnest, but very self-conscious.

Doon-Louise Loosemore as Mrs Debden: Imperious and forceful, everything Hyacinth wishes she was. 

Ian Daniels as Daddy: Hyacinth’s eccentric father.  Believing he’s still at war, he wears a gas mask, but not much else.

Director - Nathaniel Young
Stage Manager - Dierdre Robinson
Set Construction - Kelvin Davies, Yi Junyuan
Lighting/Sound - Chris O’Leary, Paul Marshall
Allan Hare, Joanne Sephton,Paige Williams, Steve Tonks, Yi Junyuan Props/Costumes - Joanne Oliver & The Cast
Wig Wrangler - Lauren Oliver
Photography & Publicity - Kayleen Zoethout
Screen Images, Program & Poster - Chris O’LearyScreen Images - Barry de Sylva