Dusty 2015

 In 1954, a star-struck, plain and dumpy London schoolgirl dreams of becoming a glamorous idol. Her parents are quick to quash her fantasies, and instead focus their attention on her older brother. But nothing deters her, and blessed with an amazing voice and enviable musical talent, she sets out to become both a singer and a star. Soon, the almost invisible Mary O’Brien has transformed herself into the blonde pop icon, Dusty Springfield. This gorgeous image that the world sees is a facade behind which Mary O’Brien lives, and Dusty can never really escape her alter-ego.

In the 1960’s, Dusty Springfield takes the entertainment world by storm with a string of hits, a top TV show and a legion of fans. She’s the most influential British female artist of the 60’s and brings attention to otherwise unknown injustices, such as racial discrimination in South Africa. Known as the White Lady of Soul, she is responsible for bringing the Motown sound to the UK. Despite all of her success, however, real happiness eludes her and her compulsion for perfection is ironically a contributor to her downfall. At the pinnacle of international success, with triumphs in Britain and America, Dusty finds the pressure unbearable. Unable to live up to the expectations of others, and not coping with the attention, she retreats from society into a dark place.

Finding strength in adversity Dusty returns to the top, but while the world watches she has one more battle to fight.


Dusty Springfield - Clare Patrick
Mary O'Brien - Courtney Fooks
Reno - Sarah Roberts
Peg - Hannah Davies
Rodney - Mark Westby
Kay O'Brien - Hannette Van Der Berg
Mr O'Brien (O B) - Gary McEwen
Tom Springfield / chorus - Pete Jackson
Jean Rook / chorus - Simone Healey
Jerry Wexler/ Reporter/ Juggler - Peter Milne
Tammy - Bianca-Jade Armstrong
Ruby - Megan Humby
Cynthia - Jessica Heath
Roxy - Lisa-Marie Evans
Mike / Reporter - Liam Wigney
Mike / Releasha - James Skon
Mitzi / Doctor / Flight Attendant - Tara Dunne
Chontelle / Photographer - Tuesday Whitfield
Sr. Bonaventure / Justin / chorus - Loretta Donnelly
Reporter / Principal Dancer - Denzal Van Uitregt
Brandy Alexander / chorus - Deon Spann
Al Saxon / Neil Tennant / Tena Lady - Chris O'Leary



Director - Leonie Walsh
Musical Director - June Gemmell
Assistant Director - Mark Reynolds
Assistant Musical Director - Robyn Ryan
Choreographer - Lynette Wockner
Stage Manager - Tony Hodgson
Crew - Monica Quinton, Alecia Lenthall
Costumes/wardrobe - Corinne Teese, Robyn Ryan, Lois Jackson, Lesley Davis
Wigs/Stylist - Matthew Walker
Props - Loretta Donnelly, Tuesday Whitfield, The Centre of Creatve Arts at Multicap
Lighting Design/ Programming - David Gemmell
Sound Design - David McLaughlin
Lighting Operators - Joanne Sephton, Alan Hare, Ronalda Cook
Set Construction - Mark Westby, Chris O'Leary, Jeanne Marshall, Mark Reynolds, Samuel Fratus, Misha & Ozzy Mehmet
Makeup Tutor - Lauren Sandstrom
Drag Wrangler - Lesley Davis
Dusty Wrangler - Meredith Crisp
Photography - Kayleen Gibson
Imagery, Media and Program - Chris O'Leary


The Band

Piano/Repetiteur - Joanna Funk
Guitar - Colin Poulton
Percussion - John Kent
Woodwind - Alex McKenzie
Bass - Peter Tune
Keys - Joquithe Manricks

Performance dates

 Friday 13 November 8pm
Saturday 14 November 2pm and 8pm
Wednesday 18th November 8pm
Friday 20 November 8pm
Saturday 21 November 2pm and 8pm
Wednesday 25 November 8pm
Friday 27 November 8pm
Saturday 28 November 2pm and 8pm