Allo Allo 2014

directed by Anne Ross


SEASON FROM 19th Sept to 4th Oct


‘Allo, ‘Allo was one of the most successful BBC comedy series ever made & achieved worldwide popularity. The stage show is based on the TV production & follows the adventures of Rene in war torn occupied France as he & his wife Edith try to keep for themselves the priceless portrait of “The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies.” 
They are also hiding 2 British airmen & trying to get them back to England with the help of the Resistance.

All your favourite, much loved characters are here, the Colonel, Gruber, Herr Flick & Helga, Crabtree, Michelle & the girls plus many more. If you loved the TV series this hysterical romp will give a night of fun-filled entertainment for the whole family & is not to be missed. And so with those few words I will leave you with a quote from Crabtree, “I just pooped into the coffé & I will now disappore like a phantom into the noot.”

Chris Guyler as Rene Artois
Joanne Oliver as Edith Artois
Sara Forgione as Yvette Carte Blanche
Onyx Noack as Mimi La Bonque
Troy Granzien as Roger Le clerc
Emma Quigley as Michelle Dubois
Lisa Wheildon as Helga Geerhart
Paul Pritchard as Col. Kurt Von Strohm
Jason Lawson as Herr Otto Flick
Gary McEwen as Capt. Alberto Bertorelli
Mark Scott as Luit. Herbert Gruber
Nathaniel Young as Officer Crabtree
Patrick Tiernan as Gen. Von Schmelling
Stan Wisniowiecki as 2nd Airman Carstairs, Peasant & Soldier
Franck Dance - 1st Airman Carstairs, Peasant & Soldier
Marie-Louise Suthers, Steve Norris - Peasants


Director - Anne Ross
Assistant Director - Franck Dance
Stage Manager - Gary Suthers
Stage Crew - Anshu Podar. Steve Norris
Musical Director - Carleen Steele
Choreographer - Lynette Wockner
Costumes - Doreen Omiros, Anne Ross,Betty Peisley & Cast
Set Design - Franck Dance, Anne & Robin Ross
Set Construction - Franck Dance, Jordan Cera,Robin Ross, Anshu Podar & Gary Suthers
Lighting/Sound Design - Barry de Sylva, Chris O’Leary, David Gemmell
Lighting/Sound - Barry de Sylva, Chris O’Leary, Joanne Sephton, Ashley Worsman
Follow Spot Operators - Peta Douglas, Alan Hare & Gerry Burges
Photography - Kayleen Gibson
Media & Program - Chris Guyler, Chris O’Leary& Mark Westby
Bar & Greenroom - Margaret Oakhill and volunteers