Anyone for Breakfast 2016


Written by Derek Benfield

In association with ORiGiN Theatrical
A hilarious comedy of marital mishaps


Directed by Lesley Davis




Jake Parsons - Gilbert

Kayleen Nunn – Shirley

 Sophie Rohweder - Jane

Brodie Greig – Mark

Greg Johnson - Roger

Haidee Gaudry - Helga



“Anyone for Breakfast”, written in the early 90’s by a prolific comedy writer and actor Derek Benfield, is one of over 30 plays making him one of UK’s leading comedy writers. He was also very well known on British television for many outstanding roles, including ‘Bill Riley’ in the early 70’s series ‘The Brothers’ and playing opposite the famous Patricia Routledge as her long suffering husband ‘Robert’ in the BBC series ‘Hetty Wainthropp Investigates’. Derek was a master at writing farcical comedies and as the dictionary defines a ‘farce’ as a light humorous play in which the plot depends upon the skillfully exploited situation rather than the characters developments he mastered this perfectly with ‘Anyone for Breakfast’, which has all the classic ingredients of the genre!



As is customary in farcical comedies, there is a great deal of marital infidelity and deception and it is important to keep track of the relationships. We see Gilbert, who is having an affair with German air hostess Helga, married to Shirley who is having an affair with Roger, who is married to Jane who wants to have an affair with Mark. So when Jane decides to have her assignation with young handsome Mark, her best friend Shirley is happy to help by lending her house, as this leaves Shirley free to spend the evening with her lover … Jane’s husband Roger. Things don't go quite according to plan as Gilbert arrives home unexpectedly with Helga, his pretty Lufthansa hostess. The plot weaves its way along with protagonists passing to and fro through the numerous doors, usually missing each other, and so complicating the plot.




In this merry comedy of complications and confrontations, the scene is set for an evening and morning of crazy misunderstanding and mistaken identities as the guilty parties in question try desperately to keep their romantic secrets, secret.    


The director feels sure “audiences are set to have a raucous evening in stiches laughing as they watch this comic situation unfold and develop into mayhem.”



Performance Dates:

Friday 22 July 8pm

Saturday 23 July 2pm and 8pm

29 July 8pm

30 July 2pm and 8pm

Friday 5 August 8pm

Saturday 6 August 2pm and 8pm