Chapter Two






 By Neil Simon




George and Jennie are in love, utterly perfect for each other, and are getting married. There are just a few problems: 1) They’ve only been dating for two weeks, 2) George’s beloved wife of twelve years just passed away, 3) Jennie has just gone through five years of counselling which culminated in a messy divorce. George’s brother, Leo, and Jennie’s friend, Faye, don’t have it any easier. Both of their marriages are in trouble, they’re worried about George and Jennie getting married too quickly.


Neil Simon’s semi-autobiographical Chapter Two examines what it means to truly love someone else, and asks whether finding a soulmate can happen more than once in a lifetime




Brad Oliver as George Schneider

Lesley Davis as Jennie Malone

 Nathaniel Young as Leo Schneider 

Mel Penissi as Faye Medwick