12 Angry Men


The play: The time is 1957 and a young delinquent is on trial for the murder of his aggressive father. The judge has directed the jury to find the boy guilty provided there is no reasonable doubt. Eleven of the jurors declare there is no doubt at all he is guilty but one of them, while far from convinced of the boy’s innocence, feels that some of the evidence heard against him has been ambiguous. He starts what becomes a long, hot afternoon trying to win all the others around to his way of thinking.

Directors - Lesley Davis & Pam Cooper
Stage Manager - Gary RoseCrew - Yi Junyuan
Lighting/Sound - Paul Marshall & David Gemmell
Lighting Operators - Joanne Sephton, Gabi Marshall, Ashley Worsman & Paul Marshall
Set Construction - Bob & Cameron Clayton,John Mordacz, Stuart Sephton & cast
Props/Costumes - The Cast
Photography & Publicity - Kayleen Zoethout
Screen Images, Program & Poster - Chris O’Leary


Foreman - Brad Oliver 
Juror No 2 - Alan Hare Juror
No 3 - Adam Libke 
Juror No 4 - Gary Kliger 
Juror No 5 - Shayne Jarvis
Juror No 6 - Liam Inglis
Juror No 7 - Nathaniel Young
Juror No 8 - Greg Potter 
Juror No 9 - Colin Williams
Juror No 10 - Steve Tonks 
Juror No 11 - Ken Verrall
Juror No 12 - Jarrod Gildea
Guard - Gary Rose



Performance Dates:

Friday 19 May 8pm

Saturday 20 May
2pm and 8pm

Saturday 27 May 2pm and 8pm

Sunday 28 May 2pm

Friday 2 June 8pm

Saturday 3 June
2pm and 8pm