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Kindly Leave the Stage



Kindly Leave the Stage is John Chapman’s double-decker of a farce being a play within a play exposing a public performance where private lives are unravelling! We see a leading man losing the plot when he finds out his wife has been having a backstage romance with another actor in the cast.  Exit, right left and centre! Any chance that the play must go on, but instead the audience are treated to theatrical mayhem.

Onstage the classic British comedy is in full swing, the marriage of ‘Rupert’ and ‘Sarah’ is on the rocks! Their lawyer friends, ‘Charles’ and ‘Madge’ agree to handle the divorce. However, after the play has been running a few minutes, cues are missed, lines are forgotten and ‘Rupert’ has a brainstorm and threatens to kill ‘Charles’ in full view of the audience! A lighthearted tilt at the complete theatricality of a cast of thespians!


Remaining Performance Dates:  


Saturday 22 Sept 2pm and 8pm


Sunday 23 Sept2pm


Friday 28 Sept 8pm


Saturday 29 Sept 2pm and 8pm

14 Mains Road, Sunnybank

Theatre Phone: (07) 3345 3964    (To message-bank when not staffed)


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Ladies Day




Royal Ascot! It conjures images the world over of glamour, culture and sporting excitement. Work, love and life are one hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome but their luck changes when Linda finds tickets to Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot in York and the four fish packers from Hull have decided they want in on the action. Out go the hairnets and the overalls as the girls do themselves up and head for the races. As the day unfolds, the champagne flows, secrets spill out and their horses keep winning. By the last race, the girls are on course for a life-changing win. Join Pearl, Jan, Linda and Shelly in this hilarious comedy from Amanda Whittington in their quest to find love, happiness an Tony Christie!


Performance Dates:


Friday 9 November 8pm

Saturday 10 November 2pm and 8pm

Saturday 17 November 2pm and 8pm

Sunday 18 November 2pm

Friday 23 November 8 pm

Saturday 24 November 2pm and 8pm 


14 Mains Road, Sunnybank

Theatre Phone: (07) 3345 3964    (To message-bank when not staffed)

Senior Theatre


Old stars still shine, so come shine with us!

Research shows that participating in drama activities has a positive effect on mental health, and it is a great way to meet people and have fun.

So join us to explore your creativity, keep your brain and body active; gain confidence and communication skills and learn something new. We will explore the elements of drama through games, readings, play building and performing, and work towards a public performance.

No prior acting experience is needed.

The workshops are run by Nerida Day, an experienced drama teacher, performer, and director.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring along a water bottle and a mug for morning tea.

All class participants must become members of Sunnybank Theatre Group Inc.

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