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By Eleanor Coerr

Directed by Jacqui Cullen

Junior Theatre

Saturday 21st 2pm

Sunday 22nd 2pm

In Japan, leukemia was known as “the A-bomb disease.” Ancient Japanese legend holds that if a sick person folds one thousand cranes, the gods will grant their wish and make them healthy again. While hospitalized, Sadako began to make origami cranes. Based on a true story, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes celebrates the extraordinary courage that made one young woman a heroine in Japan.



By Tom Holloway

performance rights licensed exclusively by HLA Management Pty Ltd - PO Box 1536 Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012.   hla@hlamgt.com.au

Directed by Lesley Davis

Friday 27th Jul 8pm

Saturday 28th 2pm

Saturday 28th 8pm

Friday 3rd Aug 8pm

Saturday 4th 2pm

Saturday 4th 8pm


After a long and successful marriage, Pam and Don are still very much in love. But Pam is ill and has to make a heartbreaking decision that will transform both their lives. She does so in the only way she knows how – quickly, pragmatically, and resolutely. Don behaves in the only way he knows how – struggling to keep up but desperate not to lose touch.

And No More Shall We Part follows Pam and Don’s halting, humorous and devastating attempt at the impossible – to begin to say goodbye to each other after a lifetime together.



Directed by Nerida Day

Senior Theatre

Friday 10th Aug 8pm

Saturday 11th 2pm

Saturday 11h 8pm

Out the Window by Richard W. Harris.

A avant-garde comedy about the relationships between a man, his wife and his mother.

Failed Investments by Lynn Brittney.

Carol and Anne hold a residents' meeting for their block of flats, but the subject of ground rent gets lost in the welter of human issues that get aired on this particular evening. This adult play provides moments of piquant social comedy as well as moving drama.

Do You Believe in Magick? by Jo Rake.

Elsbeth really wants Robbie to ask her for a date but how do you do it when you are a witch and not as young as you once were? Love potions? Magic charms? Sisters Maryann and Sarita are no help at all. Or are they? Maybe all it takes to get a date is a carefully dropped hint.

The Luvvies by Lynn Brittney.

The guild of local amateur dramatic societies has organised a quiz night about "the movies", which annoys Eileen. Debbie arrives with allergies; Roger's menopausal wife has taken to her bed, so the team is one short; Mike is in a bad mood; and the Dalbridge Strollers' team is being rowdy. To top it off, Shirley has put a swear box on each table to raise money for the church. This humorous play contains moderate swearing.


14 Mains Road, Sunnybank
Monday 6 April from 6.30pm

Theatre Phone: (07) 3345 3964    (To message-bank when not staffed)

Kindly Leave the Stage



Kindly Leave the Stage is John Chapman’s double-decker of a farce being a play within a play exposing a public performance where private lives are unravelling! We see a leading man loosing the plot when he finds out his wife has been having a backstage romance with another actor in the cast.  Exit, right left and centre! Any chance that the play must go on, but instead the audience are treated to theatrical mayhem.

Onstage the classic British comedy is in full swing, the marriage of ‘Rupert’ and ‘Sarah’ is on the rocks! Their lawyer friends, ‘Charles’ and ‘Madge’ agree to handle the divorce. However, after the play has been running a few minutes, cues are missed, lines are forgotten and ‘Rupert’ has a brainstorm and threatens to kill ‘Charles’ in full view of the audience! A lighthearted tilt at the complete theatricality of a cast of thespians!


Performance Dates:  


Friday 14 September 8pm

Saturday 15 Sept 2pm and 8pm

Saturday 22 Sept 2pm and 8pm

Sunday 23 Sept2pm

Friday 28 Sept 8pm

Saturday 29 Sept 2pm and 8pm
14 Mains Road, Sunnybank
Monday 6 April from 6.30pm

Theatre Phone: (07) 3345 3964    (To message-bank when not staffed)


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